Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Okay, the Savannakhet evening & Pak Kading photos are up

Written from Luang Prabang on the morning of the 7th of January 2015.  I simply let the computer run over night with the slow internet from my favorite guest house here. . .it seemed to be managing to load a photo every fifteen minutes or so.  Maybe I need to learn to size my photos a little smaller.  H'mm.

In any event, Vang Vieng is behind us, Oudomxay is ahead and we'll either get there or beyond somewhere this afternoon.  Day after tomorrow will likely be Dien Bien Phu, back in Viet Nam.  Or maybe the day after that.  The road from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang is a wonderful ride through steep mountains, scenery to delight in.  It is also very badly beaten up at the moment, and what little repair work is ongoing is all about stabilizing land slides, above and below the roadway.  They have two bad ones fixed already, working on another and there's one place that is truly scary and not yet fixed at all.  There's lots of road left for the motorbike, but EVERYBODY uses this road, it is absolutely the only north-south link in the country.  The ride ahead to the Vietnamese border will be high mountains and probably rough roads, but I am reliably informed that the road is "paved" or "sealed" all the way to the border now. . .and the bike just had her 6000 km service and has been behaving well, so. . .off we go.  I owe you a much more detailed description of the countryside and lots more photos. . .but I think you'll have to wait til I'm a lot closer to Hanoi. . .I'm traveling hard these days.

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